General questions

Smart Fuel Pass is a unique platform (not only) for charging electric cars, which offers comprehensive management functions for private persons, fleet companies and operators of charging stations, and other points of sales with an integrated payment system. Each charger operator can easily register and add their charging stations to a unified system with hundreds of charging points and thousands of customers. Smart Fuel Pass s.r.o. is the operator of the Smart Fuel Pass system. This is a joint project between ejoin s.r.o. and Ultima Payments a.s. as a payment institution that provides payment services for the Smart Fuel Pass platform.


Visit and click the Register button and follow the instructions. You can also register in the Smart Fuel Pass mobile application.

The application is downloadable on Google Play and App Store under the name Smart Fuel Pass and on the following links:

By registering, you have created a financial account to which you will assign a client contract necessary for the use of integrated services - i.e. for charging electric cars.

After filling out your personal data, you may have come across the name KYC Verification. This is a necessary process required by law for opening a financial account. For this reason, it is also necessary to enter your identity card number.

Since the payments are immediate, you will need to transfer the money to your account in the Smart Fuel Pass system.

You can transfer money simply by clicking TopUp Account in the mobile app through a Card payment gateway, GooglePay or ApplePay (with immediate transfer) or via SEPA payment (usually within 1 business day, if you are not sending money from a bank account with instant payments support).

Payments are immediate, without the need for monthly invoicing. Immediately after the charging session is completed, the settlement of charging session is realized. Charging statements along with financial statements and invoices are automatically generated every two weeks. You can download them after logging into the web interface. After logging in, select your client contract and select Billing on the left side of the screen. You will be notified each time, after statements has been generated.

You can change your password by logging into the web interface and clicking on My Profile at the top right. On the right part you will see the option to change the password.

Yes. After logging in to the web interface, click on My profile at the top right and add or edit the necessary data.

Login to Smart Fuel Pass web portal with your personal credentials. On the menu of right side of the screen choose My Companies and click on Add Company button. Fill requested company details. The registration process needs to be followed with the Request of new contract for your company. You can find this on the menu on the right side of the screen. Choose My Requests and click on the Request for new contract button.

As required by law, we need to control if all company details were submitted correctly, and you are you are authorized to act on behalf of the company. Usually, the approval process takes 1 business day.


First, connect charging cable to your vehicle. Then you need to identify the charger on which you want to charge. This can be done in mobile app selecting charger in the map section or scanning of QR code placed on the charger. Choose charging connector and specify the expected price. Start charging process. Your favorites’ chargers can be add to Favorites section in mobile app.

The maximum price of charging is defined by amount, what you will input to your mobile app. After reaching the price you entered in the mobile application, charging will be automatically terminated. Before charging, the system will check if financial resources are available on your financial account at least in the amount you entered. However, in specific cases additional costs for parking fees can be applied, depending on parking time and parking price policy of the charger point operator or parking space operator. All details about parking fees are available in mobile app.

After being charged 50 kWh, charging will be automatically terminated, as the set amount of the reservation has been reached and the reserved financial was consumed. We therefore recommend always entering a higher amount to avoid unwanted termination of charging.

You can see your running charging session in the mobile app in the Statements section. Your active session is marked as Transaction in progress. In transaction details section, you can see and check a lot of details likeas Reserved amount, energy delivered, charging power and battery charge level (on DC chargers what supporting this feature).

Charging session is automatically stopped when the financial limit entered by you is reached. If you wish to stop charging sooner, you can do so directly from the mobile application by clicking on the button Stop charging in Transaction detail.

Charging stations marked as "private" are visible on the map, but not publicly available. However, such locations may have a contact for the owner of the charging station in the note, with whom you can agree on possible emergency use.