Smart Fuel Pass

Smart Fuel Pass, the innovative marketplace catering to both car owners and EV charger operators, has revolutionized the electric vehicle charging experience. Originally founded in Slovakia, Smart Fuel Pass has rapidly expanded its footprint, now seamlessly connecting users in the thriving EV communities of the Czech Republic and Austria. User-friendly interface ensures a smooth and efficient interaction between car owners and EV charger operators. The primary goal of Smart Fuel Pass is to create a hassle-free environment, fostering mutual benefit for both parties involved in the electric vehicle charging ecosystem.

Ultima Payments

Ultima Payments is joint-stock company established in 2018. Company is licensed payment institution by Central Bank of Slovakia with license passportized to all EU countries. company is 100% owner of limited liability company Solition s.r.o. what is software development company


Ejoin is Slovak company producing charging stations for electric vehicles. ejoin stations are purely Slovak products and each of them is being made in our own manufacturing plant in Dubnica nad Vahom. Thanks to that, company can react flexibly to any request from a client and also to new market requirements. Ejoin GO is the charging infrastructure in Slovakia, bringing public charging stations to public. Ejoin GO network is the fastest growing in Slovakia. Just in the first year of operations was intalled over 200 charging points.

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Ultima Payments

Ultima Payments a.s.
Panensk√° 13,
811 03 Bratislava
phone: +421 2 5930 5705

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